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Integrating Visual Media into Your Existing Lessons:

A Nuts and Bolts "How to" Session

Length: 6 hours

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Curriculum Specialists


Description: Student engagement is a critical component of effective classroom instruction. Our world is full of images and sounds, but our lessons are not! This session is designed to teach “how-to” and “where to get” free educational resources that will enhance your existing lessons. (EX: locating, creating and using electronic files, +/- of various file types, downloading video and audio files, inserting media files into a PPT, etc.)


As a result of this work participants will...

  • find appropriate resources for their subject/grade level.

  • learn how to download video and audio files.

  • learn ways to embed electronic files into daily lessons

  • leave with a list of technology resources to explore on their own.


Practical Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Length: 3 or 6 hours

Audience: K-12 Teachers, Curriculum Specialists


Description: How can educators use available technologies to expand their learning environment beyond the classroom and engage all learners? Learn ways to use the tech tools you already have! Explore a multitude of great free resources! Plan efficient and effective ways to incorporate technology into your classroom using lessons you have already created or new lessons.


As a result of this work participants will…

  • become familiar with the Arkansas Standards that explicitly require technology.

  • learn ways to embed technology experiences within existing lessons.

  • become familiar with quality OER resources and Web 2.0 tools that provide student learning/creation opportunities that are not otherwise available.


Literacy-based Tasks for Every Classroom/Subject

Length: 6 hours

Audience: K-12 teachers, instructional facilitators, curriculum leaders


Description: Explore key elements of effective task design using the Arkansas Literacy Standards. Grade level specific information about the key elements and the technology expectations will be shared. Numerous free technology tools will be explored. Participants should bring their own technology devices. iPads are okay, but a laptop may be easier to use when creating a task.


Results: Technology enhanced lesson


This is an intensive professional learning opportunity that can be tailored to your specific needs...

“”ference - Do One Thing . Create One More


Length: 3 days or can be spread across time in small increments

Audience: K-12 teachers, instructional facilitators, curriculum leaders


Description: Technology emphasis building upon good lesson design (GANAG). Participants will learn ways to use technology in meaningful ways to strengthen good teaching; using the SAMR Model (substitute, augment, modify, redefine) they will explore free tech tools (APPs and Web 2.0 tools) that support the grade/content being taught. They will learn to create their own next-generation assessment tasks. Interactive Notebooking is modeled in this training as a learning/assessment tool. Topics that will be explored include QR codes, augmented reality, Google Tools, and much more!


Results: Technology rich lessons, engage students



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