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In education, TIME is a precious commodity. A wise teacher once said, "I don't need 500 links, I need 5 great ones!" We'd rather have teachers spend their time planning, crafting, and creating awesome learning experiences than spending hours wading through websites and digital materials to tease out a few good ones! Our resource package includes an editable Teacher Planner, an electronic Pinterest Board, and downloadable files built around a single grade level math module. Download a Year-at-a-Glance for Kindergarten thru Algebra II to see the module titles in each grade. You may also wish to download our WORD document with all the K-12 module titles and quick hyperlinks to info you may need.


The teacher planner includes hyperlinks to the best resources we can find for a particular math concept. The links and files provide digital curricular content support for each module at each grade level. No teacher will ever use all the resources, but we want great resources at their fingertips as they plan daily instruction. These resources also provide additional resources for the differentiated needs of students. Whether remediation or acceleration, teachers have multiple options and a variety of tools to use with students! We do not believe in scripted lessons, rather quality ingredients for the teacher to create a learning feast for their students!


From basic support like vocabulary and parental involvement, to technology-rich simulations and applications, we are constantly searching for and adding quality resources that are free, accessible, and spot-on!  Editable files and media-rich resources like interactives, video clips, and learning games are abundant. Supporting documents such as interactive notebooking ideas, lesson plan ideas, printables, and standards-based games are also included. Where appropriate we are making literature connections that help support math concepts. Art and music connections are also available to support learning.These resources are constantly growing and will only get better over time!


We use the BOX to electronically store the files that we are able to capture and save for each module.  A teacher will be able to download a single folder for each module to an external drive and everything we are able to capture for that module will be there. This allows teachers working in a school that is struggling with bandwidth to access resources without tying up the precious pipeline.


Each module has its own Pinterest Board where we pin additional ideas and free resources. Many times it is easier to look at center ideas and other resources than read about them!


How are the resources organized?

In 2010, New York became one of twelve states to win the Race to the Top competition.  NY became the first state to contract for the development of a full complement of PK-12 curriculum materials that are written for Common Core Math Standards.  As required by the grant, all materials are to be made available to the entire education community under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.  This means we can freely use materials posted on the EngageNY site to help us organize our work. The EngageNY materials are being marketed as Eureka Math available through Great Minds, a Washington, D.C. based non-profit 501(c)3 organization.


If you are curious about the alignment of your current math program to the CC Standards, we suggest you visit EdReports and review their comparisions of various math programs currently in use across the nation.

What kind of Math resources are we talking about?

NOTE: Unit resources are available to ABC Partners and require a password to download the teacher planner and resource files.

Not a member? Contact us! is an independent nonprofit designed to improve K-12 education. Their reviews focus on alignment to the Common Core and other indicators of high quality as recommended by educators. Check it out!

The math modules outlined are sequenced and paced to support the teaching of mathematics in a way that supports the instructional “shifts” and the standards for mathematical practice demanded by the CCSS. The materials from EngageNY contain a sequence of lessons that combine conceptual understanding, fluency, and application. We are seeking to enhance these units with additional multi-media resources, free online simulations and games, and next-generation assessment tasks.


What if you don't use EngageNY?

No worries!  The modules are built around the same math standards you are teaching. Because our teacher planners are editable (WORD) you can copy and paste our information and resources into the organizational model you are using.  This is about locating and organizing resources that fit your needs.


February 16, 2016

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Eureka Top-Rated Math Curriculum...

Need a paper copy of the Math Overview? Click here to download a PDF version.

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