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Social Studies

Please be aware that some of these links are open to the public, but others are password protected for ABC Partners.


July 1, 2015 brings a new Social Studies Framework to K-12 Arkansas classrooms. The first step is downloading the course documents from the Arkansas Department of Education. We suggest downloading the WORD version so you can highlight, bold, change colors/fonts, etc. as you begin to study the new course information. LINK


Next, we suggest you check out information about the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. LINK This is a new, critical component  that will need some professional study and conversation. Download a free PDF version from the National Council for the Social Studies.


Once you have the new AR Social Studies Framework Course Documents downloaded and you understand the expectations outlined in the C3 Framework you are ready to begin building your local curriculum. Start by outlining the "units" and timeframe needed for each. Then we suggest you look at our Key Elements of Task Design for your grade level.  This will help you focus on important information as you begin to look at resources. We have started an ABC Social Studies Resources web page to help you.


As a benefit to our ABC Partners, we have created an electronic file in the BOX with documents and presentations that will simplify the gathering of information as you begin to work on your local Social Studies curriculum. BOX LINK

There are several things that may help you, one of which is our MASTER Document of the K-6 Standards (Stacked) that make it easier to see the learning progressions in each strand.

You might also like the K-6 documents we've put together by grade level.  This is a concise overview of the strands and SLEs at each grade.


Many times K-5 teachers try to incorporate Social Studies content within their literacy block.  In an effort to support your pacing work we have created a document for each grade (K-6) that can be cut apart, and 'moved around' until you find a natural connection within your literacy units. Pacing Activity


There's much more ahead!


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