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Wit & Wisdom


Wit and Wisdom is a K-8 English curriculum written and owned by Great Minds. We love it because it brings rich content into the classroom.  Wit and Wisdom helps you meet the expectations of the standards while celebrating the joy of reading and writing with your students. These files are meant to supplement classrooms who have purchased the Wit and Wisdom curriculum materials from Great Minds.

Module 1 | The Five Senses

Studying the five senses lays a foundation for the knowledge of human biology. Full of rhyme, rhythm, and color, this module introduces children to the joy and rigor of text-based, content- rich learning.

K Module 1 Resource List LINK

K Module 1 Resource Files LINK

Module 2 | Once Upon a Farm

William Makepeace Thackeray wrote, “the two most engaging powers of an author are to make new things familiar, familiar things new.” The texts in this module do exactly that—make new things familiar and familiar things new—as young readers playfully explore both informational and fictional books depicting one of the most humble yet vibrant of places: the farm.

K Module 2 Resource List LINK

K Module 2 Resource Files LINK


Module 3 | America, Then & Now

America is ever changing, evolving, and growing. Students will push up their bifocals to appreciate the extraordinary innovations that Ben Franklin contributed to the world and recognize the impact of his brilliance in their lives today. This module demonstrates how days and seasons change, how “progress” can change a landscape, and also reminds us how life is as much about continuity as it is about change.

K Module 3 Resource List LINK

K Module 3 Resource Files LINK


Module 4 | The Continents

Have you ever looked at the globe and thought about all the places in the world you could visit? Would you climb high peaks like Denali or Mount Everest? Would you learn to tango in Argentina, or enjoy the beauty of the frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? There is, quite literally, a world of possibilities! .

K Module 4 Resource List LINK

K Module 4 Resource Files LINK

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