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Fifth Grade Literacy Resources

Download the Suggested Texts List PDF

Unit One:
Playing with Words

This four-week unit encourages students to experiment with language and to explore their personal writing style.

Unit Two:
Renaissance Thinking

This six-week unit focuses on the research process, as well as the creative and critical thinking used by writers, inventors, and famous people from the Renaissance and beyond.

Unit Three:
Clues to a Culture

This six-week unit focuses on aspects of Native American nations/cultures as revealed through pairings of literature and informational text.

Unit Four:
America in Conflict

This nine-week unit focuses on the causes and consequences of the American Civil War, as revealed through literature and informational text.

Unit Five:
Exploration, Real and Imagined

This five-week unit builds on the study of character development begun in Unit Four by having students articulate what we learn from real and fictional characters’ experiences.

Unit Six:
Coming of Age

This final six-week unit focuses on the genre of the novel, and uses "coming of age" as a unifying theme.

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