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PowerPoint sometimes gets a bad rap, but the reality is... most schools already own it!

Many times we don't value and simply under use some of the most obvious tools we have.

Start wherever you are, use whatever you have!  If you are lucky enough to be in a school with more advanced tools, GREAT!  Don't judge!


Students should be reading, researching, and writing regularly in and across content areas. However, that is not enough! Student created presentations should be a fundamental element of every classroom today. Students must be inquiring, learning, formulating questions, selecting and creating graphics, and synthesizing information to formulate conclusions. Think of it as a great formative assessment!


As with any tool, templates can be misused. If all student creations look exactly the same, the teacher probably made too many decisions.  Give students  as many options as possible. Embrace the unusual. Encourage students to go above and beyond the minimum criteria.


We know students/teachers can find templates themselves, but sometimes you are  in a hurry and need a reliable "go to" spot.

Here are a few 'often used' templates. If you see something you like, just click on the icon to download it... fast

If you have a little more time, explore some of our favorite sites by clicking on the logos on the right. Teachers and students can select something that speaks to their interest and passion.  If students are ready to create their own template, let them!


Have you created something you are willing to share?       Connect with us!


Check these out!

(Free is good!)



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Smile Science Templates

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