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New Teacher Orientation to Arkansas Standards and Assessment

Audience: New teachers

Length: Minimum 1 day, longer as requested over time

Description: Those just entering the teaching profession need an opportunity to engage with Arkansas State Standards and state-mandated assessments. Explore the what, why, and how!


Results: Participants leave with basic tools to begin developing their own high-achieving classroom. They will also have tools to help them answer basic parent questions about Arkansas Standards and ACT/Aspire assessments.



What Does a Standards-based Classroom Really Look Like?

Audience: K-12 Teachers & Administrators

Length: 1 day

Description: In this interactive workshop, participants will review and discuss the components of a standards-based classroom. Through media, they will analyze exemplar classrooms and have collaborative discussions with others about the components that are needed.


Results: Self-reflection about personal implementation of the key components of standards-based instrcution. Develop a deeper understanding of the shifts that are required in our classrooms.


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