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Sixth Grade Literacy Resources

Download the Suggested Texts List PDF

Unit One:
I Won't Grow Up

This first six-week unit of sixth grade starts off the year with reflections on childhood—from literature to poetry to students' own experiences.

Unit Two:
Folklore: A Blast from the Past

This six-week unit focuses on what folklore (myths, legends, tall, and pourquoi tales) reveals about world cultures—including our own.

Unit Three:
Embracing Heritage

In this eight-week unit, students continue to read stories and informational texts and discuss what they each reveal about our own country, the United States of America.

Unit Four:
Courageous Characters

In this six-week unit, students select a fictional story with a courageous character and pair it with related informational text from the same historical time period.

Unit Five:
Figure it Out

In this four-week unit, students have the opportunity read classic and contemporary mysteries, make sense of nonsense poems, and solve riddles and math problems.

Unit Six:
Winging It

In this final six-week unit of sixth grade, students read Dragonwings by Lawrence Yep, compare this novel to biographies of aviators, and read about the science and history of flight.

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