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Seventh Grade Literacy Resources

Download the Suggested Texts List PDF

Unit One:
Characters with Character

This first six-week unit of seventh grade starts the year off with reflections on characters from literature and historical time periods.

Unit Two:

This second six-week unit of seventh grade builds upon the study of character by examining those who persevered in a variety of challenging circumstances.

Unit Three:
Courage in Life and Literature

This third, eight-week unit of seventh grade delves more deeply into character analysis, focusing on determined and courageous people in both informational texts and literature.

Unit Four:
Survival in the Wild

This four-week unit of seventh grade continues the close examination of characters and examines how setting plays a role in their development.

Unit Five:
Science or Fiction? 

This four-week unit of seventh grade examines the genre of science fiction and related science.

Unit Six:
Literature Reflects Life: Making Sense of Our World

In this final six-week unit of seventh grade, students conclude their year-long study of the human condition by examining how a variety of genres can address the human condition: fantasy, comedy, tragedy, short stories, and poetry.

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