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High-Yield Strategies

...and interactive notebooks!


Most educators agree that certain classroom techniques enhance student achievement. What are those techniques or strategies? Are some instructional strategies more effective than others? How and when should they be used?


As with many educational topics, the use of the term "high-yield strategies" is often misunderstood and inappropriately applied.   Use of such strategies don't automatically guarantee success. Marzano has even suggested we use the term "high-probability strategies" instead!  We are cautioned against using a narrow range or list of strategies. While most of us are familiar with Marzano's Nine High-Yield Strategies, we must also consider John Hattie's work, "Visible Learning."   


How can strategies be seamlessly incorporated into daily instruction? What role might technology play in effective instruction?  Educators must move beyond strategy checklists to a clear and common language of instruction.  We hope to help by providing you concise information, practical tips, and tools to support student learning.



What are interactive notebooks? How are they different from a regular notebook, journal, or binder?


Why should students in all grades and subjects use interactive notebooks?


There are many ways to routinely incorporate "high-probability" strategies when using interactive notebooks! Learn more...

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Download the complete set of High-Yield Strategies Using Tech Tools LINK


Click to learn more about each strategy and tech tools your students can use for that strategy!

More strategies coming soon!

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