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GANAG Lesson Planning

"Despite their limitless differences, effective lessons share the same, well-known core structure. Though terms may differ, the essential parts of a good lesson include a clear learning objective

with some effort to provide background knowledge or create interest in the topic,

teaching and modeling, guided practice, checks for understanding/formative assessments,

and independent practice/assessment (which can be one in the same)."


---Mike Schmoker in Focus (ASCD 2011)

We have chosen to use the GANAG lesson planning schema for building effective daily lessons because it incorporates the use of high-yield strategies easily, yet is very simple and highly effective.


GANAG, developed by Dr. Jane Pollock,  closely follows the work of Madeline Hunter, but instead of concentrating on creating master teachers, GANAG's focus is creating master learners.


Building on the research introduced in Classroom Instruction that Works, (1st edition, Marzano, Pickering, and Pollock, 2001) Dr. Pollock has added neuroscience research findings to the original PET model.


GANAG offers teachers a simple organizational tool, that when done correctly, will yield higher student achievement. It's fast, effective, and easy to implement.

Webinar Series

Dr. Jane Pollock

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Webinar 1 - Overview of GANAG

Webinar 2 - Beginnings of Lessons

Webinar 3 - Middles of Lessons

Webinar 4 - Ends of Lessons


Download all four

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