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Fourth Grade Literacy Resources

Download the Suggested Texts List PDF

Unit One:
Tales of the Heart

This four-week unit invites students to explore the mixture of emotions that accompany the transition to fourth grade, as well as to learn from informational text about the body.

Unit Two:
Literature Settings: Weather or Not

This six-week unit invites students to explore geography as it relates to seasons and weather. Students discover how these settings are represented in—and affect events in—literature.

Unit Three:
Animals are Characters, Too

This eight-week unit invites students to compare how horses, dogs, and mice, are portrayed in fiction and nonfiction.

Unit Four:
Revolutionaries from the Past

This eight-week unit invites students to read historical fiction and poetry from America’s past—including works from the time of the American Revolution.

Unit Five:
Stories of the Earth and Sky

This four-week unit pairs Native American stories with informational text about the earth and sky.

Unit Six:
Literary Heroes

This six-week unit ends the year by looking at heroes, real and imagined.

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