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Eleventh Grade Literacy Resources

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Unit One:
The New World

This four-week unit, the first of six, allows students to experience the earliest American literature and note the contemporary endurance of some of its themes.

Unit Two:
A New Nation

This six-week unit, the second of six, examines the writers and documents associated with the founding of the new American nation, as well as some of the poetry and other prose of the time.

Unit Three:
American Romanticism

This six-week unit, the third of six, focuses on the emerging movement of American romanticism in the early nineteenth century and the period leading up to the Civil War.

Unit Four:
A Troubled Young Nation

This eight-week unit, the fourth of six, examines the literature of the late nineteenth century in America. Students explore the themes related to the evolving young nation, such as the challenges of westward expansion, slavery, the changing role of women, regionalism, the displacement of Native Americans, the growth of cities, and immigration.

Unit Five:
Emerging Modernism
This six-week unit, the fifth of six, addresses early twentieth-century American literature, including writers of the Lost Generation and the Harlem Renaissance.
Unit Six:
Challenges and Success of the 20th Century

This six-week unit, the last of six, concludes the exploration of the American experience by addressing literary and nonfiction texts that reflect the challenges and successes of America in the latter half of the twentieth century.

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