Wit & Wisdom

1st Grade

Wit and Wisdom is a K-8 English curriculum written and owned by Great Minds. We love it because it brings rich content into the classroom.  Wit and Wisdom helps you meet the expectations of the standards while celebrating the joy of reading and writing with your students. These files are meant to supplement classrooms who have purchased the Wit and Wisdom curriculum materials from Great Minds.

Module 1 | A World of Books

At a critical time in early literacy development, students focus on the power of reading to change lives--by reading, discussing, and writing about inspiring texts.

1st Grade Module 1 Resource List LINK

1st Grade Module 1 Resource Files LINK

Module 2 | Creature Features

What makes animals fascinating? How do people observe animals to learn about their features? How are the features of animals’ bodies similar and different? Students look deeply at the natural world through the lens of high-quality, content-rich texts and works of art.

1st Grade Module 2 Resource List LINK

1st Grade Module 2 Resource Files LINK

Module 3 | Powerful Forces

Although none of us have seen the wind, it powerfully impacts our lives. Students explore key scientific concepts of weather and forces. They also explore the invisible force of emotions. Students gain an understanding of how wind moves objects and generates power. They also explore how we, as humans, are moved.

1st Grade Module 3 Resource List LINK

1st Grade Module 3 Resource Files LINK

Module 4 | Cinderella Stories

The story of Cinderella is a timeless piece of traditional literature. While there are thousands of versions of Cinderella, the stories are united by common elements and themes; changes to the setting do not disrupt the magic of these tales or their ability to impart the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and belief in good triumphing over evil.

1st Grade Module 4 Resource List LINK

1st Grade Module 4 Resource Files LINK

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