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Wit & Wisdom

8th Grade

Wit and Wisdom is a K-8 English curriculum written and owned by Great Minds. We love it because it brings rich content into the classroom.  Wit and Wisdom helps you meet the expectations of the standards while celebrating the joy of reading and writing with your students. These files are meant to supplement classrooms who have purchased the Wit and Wisdom curriculum materials from Great Minds.

Module 1 | Poetics and the Power of Storytelling

Stories and poems have long been a way for human beings to understand the world around them, understand themselves, and create community. From the oral tradition of the Native Americans to contemporary poets, students consider how storytelling – and the choices storytellers make -- can be a powerful way to make sense of themselves and the world around them.

8th Grade Module 1 Resource List LINK

8th Grade Module 1 Resource Files LINK

Module 2 | The Great War

The impact of World War I was devastating and far-reaching for the world at large. Who were the individuals who endured? What were their experiences of the sacrifices – physical and psychological – required by such a war?

8th Grade Module 2 Resource List LINK

8th Grade Module 2 Resource Files LINK

Module 3 | What is Love?

Through Shakespeare’s characters, introduce perspectives about love, its purpose, place, and power. Through this eternally popular comedy, students discover the laughter and conflict that erupts when love takes unexpected turns and transforms us in unexpected ways.

8th Grade Module 3 Resource List LINK

8th Grade Module 3 Resource Files LINK

Module 4 | Teens as Change Agents

Young people are just as capable of pushing to improve their communities as adults are—and often more willing to do so. Across space and time, young people have taken a stand against injustice in their communities in an attempt to effect change and make a more just society.

8th Grade Module 4 Resource List LINK

8th Grade Module 4 Resource Files LINK

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