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These are a "few of our favorite things" and are offered as a place to start looking for Common Core-ish resources for daily instruction.

Even more resources to check out!

Amy Brown Science Freebies


BBC Science

Body Maps | Health Line

Common Core Conversation Science Resources

Edheads Simulations

Engineering Interact


Explore Learning Gizmos $ ★

Interactive History of NASA

Lawrence Hall of Science

Library of Congress Science Reference Services

Museum of Science

National Science Digital Library

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

Nova Broadcasts Archive

Nova Science Now

Penn Medical Animations

Periodic Table Comic Book

Periodic Table Videos

Science Behind the News

Science Guru

Science Hack (Science Videos)

Science Netlinks

Smithsonian Science

The Wild Classroom

Time Lapse Movies for Plants

University of Cambridge: Department of Engineering

Usborne Science Quicklinks

Virtual Cell Animations (APP)

Virtual Labs

Virtual Microscope


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